1976 Howard Chaykin Character Sketches
This set of five early character sketches by Star Wars comic book artist Howard Chaykin may well represent the earliest images associated with the merchandising and/or marketing of the film. Though unsigned, these have been confirmed by records at Lucasfilm to be the work of Chaykin. These were most likely produced in 1976, shortly after Chaykin had signed on to the Star Wars project.

Each drawing appears to be a quick sketch done in pencil and ink on standard 8.5x11 inch typewriter paper. Though some of these are quite rough, Chaykin's distinctive style is definitely discernable, and the full sketch of Luke even appears to vaguely emulate his appearance on the 1976 Star Wars Poster #1.

In addition to these five, there were two more drawings done of Han Solo -- a facial study and a full body -- although the only record of their existence survives as photographed copies within Lucasfilm's archives.

These five sketches were actually acquired through an eBay auction in which the seller wrongly attributed the artist as Joe Johnston.

Description by: Pete Vilmur
Photo: Pete Vilmur
From the collection of: Pete Vilmur
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
Category:Art / Original Artwork


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