Original Artwork For 'Mystery Of The Rebellious Robot' Pgs 22-23
"The Mystery Of The Rebellious Robot" was a children's book published by Random House in 1979 (the art was done in 78). It was one of the original "Expanded Universe" stories. At that time, EU stories were limited to the Marvel Comics, the Alan Dean Foster Novel "Slinter Of The Minds Eye" and a few children's books. This one was illustrated by New York artist Mark Corcoran. The very distinctive art style of Corcoran is done here in ink & watercolor. The artwork is laidout exactly as the images would appear on pages 22 & 23 in the book. Some deatils around the edges of the artwork are not visible in the printed version. This sheet is signed by the artist. Almost 25 years after its original release, John was able to get this piece of original art from one of his favorite childhood books!
Description by: Duncan Jenkins
Photo: John Booth
From the collection of: John Booth
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Random House
Category:Art / Original Artwork


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