Endor Filming Location Maps
These are original hand-drawn (inked and penciled) maps on velum for the filming location for Return of the Jedi, then titled Revenge of the Jedi, and filmed under the front name, Blue Harvest. There are six sheets in total, and each is extremely large (see the forks/knives in the images for scale). The first four form a map to the main set, and the last two are for the set to the south.

Since navigating through the redwood groves is difficult, logging roads and large/fallen trees are marked on the map, clearly from the days prior to GPS. Key artifacts of the sets and directions to main roads are also annotated on the maps.

The artist is unknown. All six sheets were eventually printed as blueprints to give to members of the crew. Last year, when I visited the filming locations of Return of the Jedi near Crescent City, so much of these locations has changed due to clear cutting of the grove, that the maps are no longer helpful in finding the locations but still serve as an interesting relic from the filming.

The sketches were originally mailed in a set of tubes shown in the image above. Note the Blue Harvest logo on the shipping label.

The image above is a closeup of the main set, the Endor bunker. Brandon Alinger and I retrieved pieces of the Endor bunker from a trip in 2004 where a local person had been using the fiberglass panels for his backyard fence.

Unfortunately, nothing remains of the original Endor filming set as the logging destroyed all the references to the movie and all set pieces have long been removed from the location.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Gus Lopez
Country:United States
Film:Blue Harvest
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