Mock-Up C-3PO Action Figure

This confidential internal Kenner photo shows what is almost certainly the first three-dimensional representation of a C-3PO action figure.

This photograph, along with twelve others from this collection, is dated May 10th, 1977, a mere 15 days before A New Hope hit theaters. It is likely this piece was created shortly before that. Considering that it takes a toy company approximately 12-18 months to get a toy from concept to store shelf, we can see how truly behind Kenner was in bringing Star Wars toys to the market.

It seems Kenner's model shop wasn't ready with a C-3PO figure when these photos were taken, substituting in a cardboard cutout for C-3PO. Kenner would use this technique of using cardboard stand-ins again in the future.

In the summer of 2005, a former Kenner designer attended the Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club Summer Social where he brought with him a binder full of Kenner photos and blueprints. Among those photos was the following:

Second from the right we see an actual C-3PO mock-up that is not made of cardboard. I suppose this figure would be the first three-dimensional toy C-3PO.

The Star Wars Collectors Archive is proud to ring in 2006 with these never-before-seen photos. Who could have imagined what these few prototype toys would eventually lead to 29 years later. Indeed, these prototypes would form the basis for many kids' childhoods, created a legion of collectors, and revolutionized the toy industry itself.

The other photographs from this collection are of:

Description by: Isaac Lew
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