Mock-Up Obi-Wan Action Figure

This confidential internal Kenner photo shows what is almost certainly the first three-dimensional representation of a Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure.

This photograph, along with twelve others from this collection, is dated May 10th, 1977, a mere 15 days before A New Hope hit theaters. It is likely this figure was created shortly before that. Considering that it takes a toy company approximately 12-18 months to get a toy from concept to store shelf, we can see how truly behind Kenner was in bringing Star Wars toys to the market.

This Obi-Wan was modified, or mocked-up, from a figure from the Fisher Price Adventure People-- an already existing toy line. The lightsaber seems to be made from plastic, though it is unclear how it operates. Originally, as Steve Sansweet notes in his Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible, Bernie Loomis, president of Kenner, "wanted Luke Skywalker's lightsaber to appear 'magically' in his hand". This type of design was used for the Luke and Vader mock-ups. However, since the lightsaber came out curved, the idea was reworked. It is possible this Obi-Wan features a revised design, although it is still different from what was eventually used for production figures.

The Star Wars Collectors Archive is proud to ring in 2006 with these never-before-seen photos. Who could have imagined what these few prototype toys would eventually lead to 29 years later. Indeed, these prototypes would form the basis for many kids' childhoods, created a legion of collectors, and revolutionized the toy industry itself.

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