Hoth Turret Defense Playset First Shots
The first shot stage represents one of the later portions of the toy production process. They typically serve as production mold tests to ensure the steel molds yield a viable, quality toy once full production begins. The early mold tests are sent from the vendor, usually a factory located in the Orient, to the toy company, in this case Kenner. It is on domestic soil that company employees from the appropriate departments will assess the product and make recommended changes to ensure the end result toy meets all specifications and quality measures.

Two of the Hoth Turret Defense playsets featured in this entry represent examples of a first shot. The left and middle bases in the first photo are the first shots, while the playset base on the right is a production version.

The first shot base shown above lacks copyright information on the base as well as the Turret guns, and is molded differently from its production counterpart

Here is a comparison photo with the first shot playset on top (molding variation) and production playset on bottom.

The second first shot lacks copyright information on the base as well as the Turret guns, is molded differently from its production counterpart, and is cast in a light blue color.

The comparison shot above features the first shot playset on the left (no copyright dates) and the production playset on the right.

The final image shows the first shot turret gun on left and production turret on right. The first shot varies in color and lacks copyright info.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger, Josh Blake
Photo: Josh Blake
From the collection of: Josh Blake
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Prototypes / Micro Collection


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