Bespin Torture Chamber Cromalin
The Bespin Torture Chamber represents one of the most infamous Micro Collection playsets. Unfortunately sales of the line faltered, resulting in the cancellation of this playset and a number of others planned for inclusion in the Micro Collection line, like the Bacta Chamber. When a collector brings up unproduced Kenner Micro toys, the Bespin Torture Chamber is bound to be noted in a discussion of this nature.

What you see here is a cromalin print used in packaging development of the toy. The cromalin stage represents the portion of the packaging production process where most changes are proposed and enacted. As such, it is not uncommon to find additional cromalins for the same toy packaging with various degrees of marking and notation. Astute eyes may notice an absence of proposed changes on this cromalin, suggesting it likely served as a final approval sample. A yellow sign-off area resides near the lower right corner, where individuals responsible for reviewing the project would sign their initials and the review date.

Above we see a photo highlighting the portions of the cromalin that correspond to the upper box face and the top flap.

The photo above focuses on the main, front panel with portions of the upper, bottom, and two side faces protruding from it.

Here is another close-up isolating the image for the box's front face. Six figures were slated for inclusion in the Bespin Torture Chamber playset:

Finally, we finish with an image highlighting the portions of the box that correspond to the bottom and rear packaging faces. A packaging photo for the image placed on the bottom face may be viewed here.

Rob Amantea, a Connecticut resident, has spent countless years assembling one of the most in-depth collections in the hobby focusing on unproduced Micro Collection items. His collection centers around items including, but not strictly limited to, sculptings, unpainted 4-ups, painted 4-ups, unproduced painted 1:1 micros, packaging prototypes, etc...most pertaining to the myriad of Micro Collection playsets that, sadly, never reached production status. Rob has also been a significant contributor to the Star Wars Collectors Archive over the years, enabling collectors everywhere to share in his passion for unproduced Micro Collection collectibles.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Rob Amantea
From the collection of: Rob Amantea
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Prototypes / Micro Collection


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