Jabba the Hutt Play-Doh Silicone Mold
In order to produce the figure molds that accompanied the Kenner Star Wars Play-Doh sets, hardcopies were required to produce the plastic molds included with the production sets. While most silicone molds for hardcopy parts or pieces have been found in white silicone, a number of molds cast in red have been found (this Jabba included). A wax figure of Jabba was sculpted at a 1:1 ratio, red silicone was poured around the figure, allowed to set, then with the wax figure removed hardcopies could be produced by pouring resin in the mold cavity. The mold measures roughly four inches by five inches and is about an inch thick.

The mold is a single side; the Jabba the Hutt figure included in the production Play-Doh set only included a single cavity to mold the figure. The Play-Doh sets from the Star Wars and Empire lines each included two mold halves to produce their figures, so figures and hardcopies with both sides of the figures were needed.

A number of hardcopy molds, all cast in this red silicone, have been found for the figures that came in the Play-Doh Jabba playset. Each had a number on the side of the mold, similar to the one seen above.

Description by: Steve York
Photo: Steve York
From the collection of: Steve York
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Prototypes / Miscellaneous Toys


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