Cookie Mold (Max Rebo)

A total of 22 molds, some duplicates, representing cookies for 9 different characters surfaced as a single lot on Ebay in late June of 2005. The characters and quantities that surfaced from this group include: Darth Vader (1), Chewbacca (3), Emperor's Royal Guard (4), Admiral Ackbar (3), C-3PO (1), Bib Fortuna (3), Gammorean Guard (3), Jabba the Hutt (2), and Max Rebo (2).

The mold presented here is one of two Max Rebo molds to come from that lot. Although all of the other duplicates were identical the two Max Rebo molds are strikingly different. The mold in this entry was never used, in fact it was an error of sorts. If you look at the "B" in Rebo you'll notice that during production of the mold the lettering shifted causing that letter to misalign. The other Max Rebo mold was in perfect shape.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger, John J. Alvarez
Photo: John J. Alvarez
From the collection of: John J. Alvarez
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Licensee:Pepperidge Farm
Category:Prototypes / Food Related


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