Cookie Mold (Emperor's Royal Guard)
Action figure pre-production items are popular amongst Star Wars collectors, however prototypes and tooling relating to miscellaneous products offer an equally intriguing glimpse into the creation of said items. The production mold, or probably more appropriately referred to as a form, for the Emperor's Royal Guard was used to make one Return of the Jedi cookie style. The popular cookies were sold by Pepperidge Farm during the Return of the Jedi era, a true testament to the sheer variety of products influenced by the original trilogy's popularity.

The second image illustrates the mold's smooth, flat back side. A total of 22 molds, some duplicates, representing cookies for 9 different characters surfaced as a single lot on Ebay in late June of 2005. The Emperor's Royal Guard mold in this entry heralds from this batch. The characters and quantities that surfaced from this group include: Darth Vader (1), Chewbacca (3), Emperor's Royal Guard (4), Admiral Ackbar (3), C-3PO (1), Bib Fortuna (3), Gamorrean Guard (3), Jabba the Hutt (2), and Max Rebo (2). It never ceases to amaze me what strange and unique items surface on everyone's favorite auction site.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Michael G. Mensinger
From the collection of: Michael G. Mensinger
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Licensee:Pepperidge Farm
Category:Prototypes / Food Related


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