Hungarian 10 Pack Display Board

Hungarian carded bootlegs are hard enough to find but these "display" boards are downright scarce. The first time these boards were mentioned was in the Special Feature written several years ago about Hungarian carded figures. Since the time of that article at least 2 others turned up.

The first to turn up was taken apart and sold as individual pieces by a well-kown dealer. Sadly, no pictures were revealed of what it looked like while fully assembled.

The second to turn up sat safely unkown in a semi-private collection for years. Recently this collection was broken up and Joe was lucky enough to have a chance to add this piece to his amazing bootleg collection.

The "display" has a backer board onto which two rows of five figures are overlapped and stapled together. What's interesting about this piece is that there are two much larger bubbles stapled over the top of the indiviual figure bubbles to protect them. This piece is quite unique and would be the jewel in almost any bootleg collection. I'd like to thank Joe for sharing this with the community.

Description by: John J. Alvarez
Photo: Jim McCallum
From the collection of: Joseph Yglesias
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Bootleg)


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