Lili Ledy Technical Card #2: Squid Head

Mexican collectors Luis and Josefina Gálvez began in late 2003 to write a fantastic feature for the Mexican Star Wars magazine, Universo Star Wars. They are currently writing a series of Lili Ledy "technical cards" that contain information about the different vintage Star Wars figures produced by Lili Ledy. Included in each detachable full page card are high quality pictures, comparisons, and information regarding variations. This is certainly a great contribution to collectors, and the Archive is proud to present this feature for those who are not be subscribed to Universo Star Wars. Click on the pictures below to get a high quality scan of each side. The text is also translated below.

The Squid Head figure was manufactured by Lili Ledy for the Mexican market in 1983. The first card has El Retorno de Jedi logo and the figure drawing was printed for the first time on the 12 back cards.

Lili Ledy printed 2 card versions. One with El Retorno de Jedi logo which was replaced later by El Regreso del Jedi logo card. The cards used the same Kenner picture and orange color background at the bubble section. In addition to the 12-back card, the figure also was packaged on 14-back cards with both logos (shown below).

Cloth Variations
One of the most important variations between Lili Ledy and Kenner is the different fabric colors and textures used for capes and skirts.

Head Variations
The Lili Ledy plastic is beige as Kenner but it is lighter and shiny. The head is a little bit smaller and the eyes were painted with glossy blue painting. Kenner’s eyes are dull.

Cape Variations
The first capes manufactured by Lili Ledy were reddish brown. Later they were brown like Kenner. The Mexican fabrics are thinner (look at the fabric pleats at the neck area). At least 3 different kind of fabric textures were used in Mexico. Pictures above show 2 Lili Ledy capes and 2 Kenner capes, the last one with a very visible horizontal weft.

Skirt Variations
The skirt fabrics are similar to Kenner with minor weft and texture variations. It is common to find the skirt of the reddish cape figure with a reddish tint as well, caused by the contact with cape.

Leg Variations
The left leg of the Lili Ledy Figure has the ©LFL 83 legend (The manufacturing year and Lucasfilm Limited abbreviation). The Kenner figure has its year with 4 digits and the legend must be read from bottom to top. The manufacturing country was erased from the right leg (like other of the Lili Ledy figures). Kenner has the MADE IN H.K. legend.

Hand Variations
Like the rest of the painting used for the figure, the Lili Ledy hands were painted with a glossy painting, Kenner’s is dull.

Belt Variations
The Lili Ledy does not have any serial numbers or characters on the back and the plastic is softer than Kenner.

Weapons and Accessories
The figure includes one gun. Lili Ledy molded it using a darker plastic than Kenner.

Content: Josefina and Luis Miguel Galvez.
Design: Roberto Mandeur Cortes
Editor-in-Chief Universo Star Wars: Oscar Herrera

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Description by: Josefina and Luis Gálvez, Isaac Lew
Photo: Isaac Lew
From the collection of: Isaac Lew
Film:Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
Licensee:Universo Star Wars
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