Fikcje was a Polish sci-fi fanzine. Sources tell me these were the last 2 issues ever of this 'zine. The issues are #53 (left) and #54 (right).

The first image is the inside of #53. This magazine contains an excerpt of Star Wars: A New Hope as well as 2 hand-drawn images of the space battle. Star Wars is one of at least 5 different shorts presented in this 'zine. The segment of the movie presented is a mere 8 pages long. Though I do not speak Polish I can make out the names of Wedge and Biggs. If you couple that with the images one can conclude that the segement presented is of the climactic space battle with the Death Star.

The next image is the inside cover of #54. You can just about make that out in the upper right hand corner. Unlike #53, which only featured an excerpt of Star Wars, #54 features the entire story of The Empire Strikes Back. You'll also notice in the upper left hand corner that this is dated 1988. Han Solo and the Lost Legacy was the last of the bootleg novels to be made and was dated 1987, these fanzines were issued in 1988, and the first licensed printing of Star Wars arrived in Poland in 1990. It's very possible these fanzines were the last unlicensed printings that had to be read in Poland.

The next image is of the title page. Along with George Lucas those responsible for the translation, artwork, and other aspects are also credited.

The final image is of Yoda. Unfortunately out of 108 pages this is the only sketch that was included.

I think this is neat stuff. They give great insight into how badly people around the planet wanted Star Wars in thier lives. Many went to great lengths, some as far as breaking the law, just to get a taste. There's no argument just how strongly these movies affected an entire global generation.

Description by: John J. Alvarez
Photo: John J. Alvarez
From the collection of: John J. Alvarez
Film:A New Hope


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