Dixie Cup Story Card Offer (Luke on Tauntaun) Display Header Card
Kenner displays are likely the most popular form of advertising pieces with collectors who focus on this collectible realm. It's important to realize a whole other world of unique store displays exists from more obscure companies and their corresponding product lines. This Dixie Cup header card is a prime example of the eye catching imagery found on non-Kenner displays. Not only did it draw consumers to the Dixie brand of small paper cups, but also alerted them to the free story card offer running at the time in specially marked packages. A free story card poster was associated with this display, and is mentioned in the small rectangular white box in the lower left corner. Sadly for consumers, when the white box was visible, as it is now, it indicated the store's free poster supply was depleted, but posters were available by mail by sending 50 cents postage and one proof of purchase. The protruding tabs indicate the header once likely affixed to a bin display of some sort, however exact photos of the complete display do not exist to my knowledge. As a matter of fact, this display was relatively unknown until 2003 to most display collectors. They say great things turn up in the most unlikely places, a well known fact in the realm of prototypes, and that statement certainly rings true of this cardboard gem. This header is one of a small batch of identical displays which lined the walls of a lonely barn until James "King of Paper" Boryla discovered the small cache and made them available to fellow collectors. Nobody could ever accuse that particular barn's walls of being "mundane", that's for sure!
Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Michael G. Mensinger
From the collection of: Anonymous
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Licensee:American Can Co.
Category:Store Displays / Miscellaneous


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