Rebel Blaster Silicone Mold
This is the original silicone mold to the Rebel blasters made for the film, Star Wars: A New Hope. When Star Wars dazzled audiences in 1977, the very first blaster seen on screen were these rebel blasters constructed from this very mold.

Similar to the silicone molds used in the toy production process, a master (or hard copy), in this case made out of metal, had liquid silicone poured over it to produce the final mold. This mold is carefully designed with tubes to allow air to escape to minimize air bubbles in the resin blasters.Then a specially designed wooden box was placed around the mold to precisely line up both halves. The final pieces are produced by pouring black resin into the mold, then attaching a metal scope to the top.

The outside of the box is labelled: "STAR WARS ALLIANCE GUN". You can see from the second image that the metal clasps allow both halves of the mold to join into a locked unit.

The final blasters are painted with grey highlights, and most of the blasters used for A New Hope were resin, non-firing blasters made out of this mold.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Gus Lopez
Country:United Kingdom
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Category:Movie Production Pieces / Props


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