ROTJ Sweepstakes Shelf Talker Design Layouts

Kenner hired a few outside firms to do design work for their toys and displays. Shown here are two design layouts from one such firm for the ROTJ Sweepstakes Shelf Talker which offered a grand prize of an all-expense-paid family trip to see a "special preview" of Return of the Jedi as well as one of every 1983 Kenner ROTJ toy. This display required two design layouts--one for the shelf talker itself and one for the coupon--and both were done at a 1:1 ratio.

Each layout is actually made up of two layers. The first layer is the canvas board that has the individual elements that make up the display. The second is the semi-transparent overlay. The overlay has been marked with the colors to be used on the shelf talker as well as with some design notes. Above is a picture of the design layout for the shelf talker without the overlay.

Here is a closeup of the board where you can see all the hand pasted elements.

Another closeup, this time of the coupon layout. I think you can really appreciate the time and effort that went into cutting and pasting each individual item.

Finally, here is a picture of the coupon design layout's cover. You can see some extensive notes on the bottom. The off-color rectangle on the left is where the business card of the design firm used to be. Sadly, over the years it has fallen off. Fortunately, the other layout's cover still has it. :^)

Description by: Isaac Lew
Photo: Isaac Lew
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Film:Return of the Jedi
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