Biker Scouts (Various)
What we have here are a number of different Biker Scout figures that some poor little Mexican kids had to play with. I guess the poor quality of the Lili Ledy line wasn’t bad enough because a lot of enterprising individuals decided to make even crappier versions of the Star Wars line.

This first one belongs to the Mexican series of bootlegs referred to as Mexican/ SA bootlegs. This particular piece is a Biker Scout and is actually pretty good compared to some of the bootlegs I’ve seen come out of Mexico. As you can see it is painted to look exactly like a production figure and just like all others of that series only has articulation in the arms.

This next one is another carbon copy but of a different mold. I think this one’s pretty neat as it is one of only two Biker Scout bootlegs I’ve ever seen that uses the Mexican exclusive “short mask” mold. This figure is shot in a white rubber and is completely unarticulated. It almost reminds me of the Polish unarticulated bootlegs, though it is a bit larger. It is painted identical to the production figure, and even though the figure was shot in white rubber the white was still painted on. Sadly, a good deal of the paint has flaked off of the rubber though. When dealing with bootlegs though one learns not to look for perfect because of the poor quality with which these were made. If one looks for perfection they will have a VERY small bootleg collection. ;^)

Finally, this is the last of the three. This is also the strangest of the three. It is the only other one I have come across that is based on the Mexican exclusive “short mask” mold. The head and torso are that of the Scout but the arms and legs are from another, as of yet unidentified, non-Star Wars figure. The legs and head are molded into the torso and only the arms have articulation, much like the Mexican/ SA Scout shown above. It’s also very hard to make out in the pics but the eyes are globbed w/ plastic. Now I’m not sure if it was just bad molding or by design but there are two large globs of plastic on the mask lens giving the Scout’s face the appearance of having two large bulbous eyes. Weird stuff.


Description by: John J. Alvarez
Photo: John J. Alvarez
From the collection of: John J. Alvarez
Film:Return of the Jedi
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