Original Concept Artwork for Lightsaber Pen Cereal Premiums
Here is a series of concept sketches for the General Mills lightsaber pen cereal premiums made for the Episode 2, Attack of the Clone cereal. All of these images represent original pencil, ink, and digital composite drawings by Keith Klein, the artist who designed these and other premium concepts for the General Mills and Nestle cereal promotions.

One of the concepts considered was a "build your own lightsaber" idea where the lightsaber is assembled from various pieces as illustrated in the image above. In this conceptual sketch, the lightsaber acts as a viewer for a movie scene rather than as a pen used in the final concept.

Different lightsabers can be created from different combinations of pieces as illustrated in this pencil sketch above.

This previous two images are of the Darth Maul lightsaber pencil and ink sketches, respectively, of a saber assembled from the various segments.

The sketch above shows a combination of the lightsaber segments incorporating the pen design similar to the final premium, with a separate segment for the ink and cap of the pen.

In the above image, the small lightsaber handles from the segmented lightsaber concepts are used to construct a standalone pen.

This pencil sketch of the Count Dooku lightsaber is an almost exact match of the toy premium that was included in boxes of General Mills cereal.

This pencil sketch of the Luke Skywalker "Graflex" lightsaber from A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back but was never issued for the series lightsaber pen premiums by General Mills.

The Darth maul pen was also never made for the cereal promotion by General Mills, but Keith's sketches show that plans were considered for most of the lightsabers from the Star Wars films.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
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Country:United States
Film:Attack of the Clones
Licensee:General Mills
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