Mexican Figures (Loose)
No other line of bootlegs, including the Polish/ Eastern European bootlegs, has the diversity of those that come out of Mexico. Iíve seen figures bootlegged off of Kenner figures; some came from 2 or 3 different figures combined-sometimes not even Star Wars figures. Iíve seen hybrid figures that came from Lily Ledy factory overstock painted with shoddy detail and/or combined with bootleg limbs. Iíve even seen figures where the original source hasnít been identified yet.

Another thing about the bootlegs that come out of Mexico is that you can never actually be sure when they were made. It is my hypothesis that some of the ďtrueĒ vintage bootlegs, like the Mexican/ SA line, have been either bootlegged again or never actually stopped being produced. I can only come to this conclusion as I have seen some that look to be very old and in played with condition, while others of the same figure look to have been just made. One thing is for sure though; these things are F-U-N to collect. :^) The fact that you never know what will turn up next ranks these bootlegs very high in my eyes.

What we have here is an assemblage of Mexican bootlegs from different lines. On the far left we start with a B-Wing Pilot that appears to have arm articulation and a weapon (only partially visible). This is one of the first B-Wing pilot bootlegs I've seen. The next is a Biker Scout that appears to come from the Mexican/ SA line but has a completely new paint scheme. It also comes with a bootleg weapon. Third in line is a bootleg Chief Chirpa with arm articulation. It comes complete with bootleg weapon. Next up is a Darth Vader made of hard plastic with arm articulation and light saber. This figure turns up with a bit of frequency but I've never seen one with a cape textured like this one. Fifth in line is Admiral Ackbar from the Mexican/ SA line. Finally, the last on the far right is another Biker Scout. This appears to be completely unarticulated and made of either rubber or soft plastic. It may be similar to one already pictured in the Archive's bootleg section but if so the paint schemes are quite different. It is worth mentioning that all of the weapons pictured came from a bootleg bag of weapons sold in Mexico also.

No other country has put as much effort into capitalizing on the Star Wars franchise as our neighbors South of the Border have and I for one applaud their fortitude.

Description by: John J. Alvarez
Photo: Sergio Sanchez
From the collection of: Sergio Sanchez
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Bootleg)


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