Darth Vader 6" (Carded)
This is one of the neatest sets of bootlegs I've seen come out of Mexico. The card art really makes these I think. There are only 2 figures in the set, Vader and a Luke Jedi.

The size of these is also a cool factor. As you can see the card is a tad smaller than a standard 6"x9" carded figure. It's the figure itself that stand's out. These things are 6" tall. They come in VERY cheap plastic bags that are stapled to the card and prone to tearing.

Check out the lightsaber close-up. What were the bootleggers thinking?!?! That's a Thundercats sword. Lion-O all the way. ;^)

I've only seen a hand full of these over the years. The first time I saw one was about 4-5 years ago on a popular auction site. I always regretted not getting the set. A while back there was a small find of these down in Mexico. The few sets that made it into collector's hands are the only other ones I've ever seen.

Description by: John J. Alvarez
Photo: John J. Alvarez
From the collection of: John J. Alvarez
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Bootleg)


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