Plastic Mexican Stormtrooper (1997 Special Edition Version)
Look familiar? This large plastic Mexican Stormtrooper bootleg was released in 1997 during the Special Editions and is based on the vintage large plastic Stormtrooper bootleg released in Mexico which in turn was based on the standard Kenner figure. The main differences between the modern and vintage versions of this bootleg are in the paint details-- the head has different areas that are painted black and the chest lacks any paint at all. Also, the modern version includes a spiffy little header card that was attached to the plastic bag. It's interesting to note that despite the changes the gun has remained the same and looks just like the gun included with a vintage Stormtrooper.

Here are some close-ups of the header.

Finally, a shot of the back of the figure.

Description by: Isaac Lew
Photo: Johan Sydling
From the collection of: Johan Sydling
Film:Star Wars Special Editions
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Large Size Action Figures


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