Interplanetary Star Fortress Knock-Off Playset
The Interplanetary Star Fortress was a generic space themed playset, which was obviously intended to be used with Star Wars action figures. It was sold during the early '80s by Sears, who were careful to advertise the item beside Kenner's licensed products in their Christmas Wish Book catalogs.

The playset consisted of a colorfully printed cardboard base, which was laminated with clear vinyl. Most of the movable pieces were made of flimsy paper stock, though there was a vinyl turret and a plastic gun.

As you can see, it's quite a colorful item. Unfortunately, the vinyl coating has a tendency to shrink with time, thereby causing the cardboard it encases to warp.

By referring to the figure I've included in these photos, you should be able to tell that this was scaled for use with Star Wars figures.

Although it was far from a high class product, the Star Fortress featured a pretty innovative design that allowed one to fold up the base into a tower of sorts, which doubled as an action figure toy and a figure carrying case.

Here you see the box that Sears shipped these toys in. It features some really neat line art on its exterior.

Lastly, we have a shot taken from the 1981 Sears Wish Book. As you can see, the photos of the product were placed adjacent to photos of the various mail-order figure packs that Sears was offering that Christmas season. It retailed at $9.99, but it was $3 cheaper if the customer purchased one of the 4-packs.

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