Kenner Grocery Store Floor Display
This is a real beauty. This display is not pictured in any early vintage era vendor catalogs, so, like the collect all 21 long header, this display was not known to exist until recently. It is quite complex compared to most Kenner Star Wars displays, consisting of several pieces including a colorful header and footer card. As shown in the Plan-O-Gram images, this display was meant to be used with larger, boxed items, like the vehicles and puzzles. This photo is of the primary pieces assembled. Other pieces were not assembled in order to avoid damaging the piece.

Perhaps the best thing about the discovery of this display is how complete the find is. The inclusion of the plan-o-grams, assembly instructions, shipping box and all other parts make this find all the more incredible.

Shipping box
Supports, other components 1
Supports, other components 2
Supports, other components 3
Supports, other components 4
Assembly Instructions 1
Assembly Instructions 2

So, yet again, display collectors are taunted with the discovery another previously unknown display (the collect all 21 long header is the next most recent example). Since the discovery of this display is yet another surprise in the world of display collecting.

Description by: John Wooten
Photo: Dan Flarida
From the collection of: Anonymous
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Category:Store Displays / Toy


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