Hoth Stormtrooper Unpainted 4-up Hardcopy (668-003)
The 4-up shown here relates to one of the five snowtroopers included in the Hoth Generator Attack playset. The corresponding number for the "firing diagonally" pose is 668-003. The first three numbers, "668", correlate the 4-up to the Hoth Generator Attack playset, while the final three numbers, "003", designate the particular pose.

The photo above affords a glance at the back of the 4-up. You'll notice it is unpainted and is cast in a green urethane commonly referred to as Dynacast. Dynacast was the most prominent urethane used during the time period of the Micro Collection line, although some 4-ups have surfaced in carbalon, a brownish material, as well as one or two other resins. A matching 4-up paintmaster here.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Michael G. Mensinger
From the collection of: Michael G. Mensinger
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Prototypes / Micro Collection


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