Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith Issue #5 Original Cover Artwork
What you see here is the original cover artwork for Dark Horse's Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith Issue #5. This particular cover was illustrated by Andrew Robinson on standard Dark Horse art board. Original comic book art is highly collectible, and a Star Wars piece such as this would certainly be considered a cross-collectible appealing to both comic art and Star Wars fans. Generally, comic book covers are either painted, complete works or pencilled and inked pages that are later colored digitally. Cover artwork, such as this one, and full size splash pages typically garner the highest excitement for comic art collectors. This cover artwork features a dynamic, action-oriented scene adding further to its appeal.

In order to provide viewers with further information about this comic saga, here is how Dark Horse describes the Jedi vs. Sith series:

"According to legend, the Sith always number two -- a Master and an apprentice. It was not always this way. A thousand years ago the Sith were many and they battled endlessly with the Jedi Army of Light. Lord Kaan ruled the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness and sought the destruction of Lord Hoth and his Jedi followers. Recruited into the war by a scout, three friends venture onto the battleground and march into destinies far greater and different than any of them could have ever imagined..."

Above is an image of the actual cover of the comic itself. The scrutinizing eye will notice the artist later chose to reverse the hair color of all three characters for the final cover during the colorization process. Interior and cover art for the various Star Wars titles do not surface all that often, especially since Lucas himself is known to collect original comic art. In fact, artists must typically give Lucasfilm the opportunity to make a counter offer before selling a cover piece privately.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger, Scott Matthews
Photo: Scott Matthews
From the collection of: Scott Matthews
Country:United States
Film:Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
Licensee:Dark Horse Comics
Category:Art / Original Artwork


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