Gargan Unproduced Figure Hardcopies
Gargan was the six-breasted dancer in Jabba's court and is the only truly unproduced action figure in Kenner's vintage line. This figure shown above is a fully hand-painted hardcopy. but unfortunately one of the legs is missing. Please refer to the page showing the Gargan sculpting for more information and Lucasfilm file photographs of this fascinating figure.


This hardcopy statuette version was made by making a simple silicone mold from the figure and pouring a new hardcopy. The urethane material was allowed to fully cover the legs which is why it appears to have none. With this simple statuette completed, the headdress and skirt could be sculpted onto it in wax. From there, new hardcopies would be made which included the headdress and skirt. Actually, what is shown above is a painted hardcopy of the actual accessory sculpting.


The image above shows an unpainted Dynacast hardcopy figure wearing the headdress which is an early sample made of rubber. This headdress is the only accessory known to exist because no skirt has yet surfaced. At this stage of development no further accessories, such as a staff or weapon, were likely planned.

This composite photo shows what the figure would have looked like when it was all put together. The idea was rejected by Lucasfilm who felt that making an action figure of an alien prostitute probably wouldn't have gone over too well with parents. Even a Gargan coin was in the preliminary stages of development for this character. The decision to create the coin and the trademark LFL registered in 1985 suggests that this figure may have been slated for release during the Power of the Force series, but it could have been part of the last series of Return of the Jedi figures instead. The dividing line during this time period is fuzzy.

Description by: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Gus Lopez, Chris Georgoulias, Josh Ling
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Film:Return of the Jedi
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