Rocket Firing Boba Fett Revised Concept (kit-bashed)

Changed only slightly from it's original version, this revised conceptual figure was inching it's way closer to a final look. The cape has been removed, but otherwise it's basically the same figure. For whatever reason, white painted accents were added to the back of the hips. They look too symmetrical to be worn paint and they don't line up with the torso to have been scraped as the leg was articulated. Note the rubbed black paint on the side of the right thigh. The overall base color seems lighter but that is probably attributable to the lighting used for photography. Again, note the "eyes" or "horns" of early Fett costume prototypes painted on its forehead. Its a good bet that the figure's close resemblance to the Fett character as he was first featured in the Star Wars Holiday Special is, likewise, no coincidence.


The above two images show some places where Kenner used this particular concept model in the materials that eventually went out to the public. The left image is a closeup the "Collect All 32" store display and the right image is from the insert for the second version of the Star Wars action figure carrying case . The carrying case insert photo was later changed to show the production version of the Boba Fett figure.

The image above is from some early literature created by Kenner which outlined the last series of Star Wars era action figures. This specification sheet mentioned some of the selling features of the 9 new figures which were becoming available. This photo shows yet another variation of the figure which makes it hard to say if it's a modified version or if it's yet another figure entirely. The differences are: gray range finder, no black dots on hands, no stripes on feet, black accents on the yellow forearm, gray accents on the red forearm, and the backpack appears to have gray accents on top. The helmet is also lacking the "eyes" or "horns" as well. The gray base color looks much lighter, but given the differences in camera lighting seen before it's hard to say if it's the lights or the color itself.

Sadly, this figure was greatly reduced in complexity after this point. The backpack was made less complex and boasted less colors. The missile was made a little "safer" looking by rounding the tip. The protruding and metal/plastic range finder was completely removed from the head. All of the white painted accents were removed and the amount of yellow/orange accents were increased. The black dots on the back of the hands were removed completely as well. All in all, the figure was looking less like the costume but more affordable as an action figure. Especially a free action figure since that's how it was first advertised when the final version of the concepts was unveiled.
Description by: Chris Georgoulias
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Film:A New Hope
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