Unproduced Star Tots Leia Hardcopies
This is a set of two hardcopies for Leia from the unproduced Star Tots preschool line that was designed by Kenner. The Star Tots line was Kenner's first attempt at a Star Wars preschool line. Kenner would not issue preschool Star Wars toys until the release of Return of the Jedi, so the Star Tots line never saw the light of day at retail. A handful of these prototypes have turned up in collector's hands.

The figure on the left is a plaster hardcopy, perhaps an unpainted version of the figures seen in Kenner internal photography for the Star Tots line. The figure on the right is a typical Kenner hardcopy from that era, although not a completely cleaned up polished piece as it contains residual urethane.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Gus Lopez
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Category:Prototypes / Miscellaneous Toys


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