Unproduced Kenner Virago Ship Packaging Prototypes
During the Shadows of the Empire promotion in 1996, Lucasfilm sought to create the entire merchandising program for a Star Wars film without releasing an actual movie. The promotion included video games, a soundtrack, action figures, micro machines, comic books, a novel, trading cards, and even artwork by the Hildebrandts. The action figure line was not smashing success, however three vehicles from this event were planned for the Kenner action figure line. The swoop bike and outrider vehicles did make it to retail, but a third vehicle, the Virago, would never see the light of day.

The following presentation board was the original presentation board for Xizor's Virago ship. The same presentation board is pictured in Mark Cotta Vaz's book, The Secrets of Shadows of the Empire. Presentation boards such as this are used to pitch the vehicle concept to business owners.

The Virago vehicle got far along in design and was planned for release. Kenner produced a styrene model for the vehicle based on this presentation board (also pictured in Mark Cotta Vaz's book). This is the original box layout design for the Virago vehicle. Note the familiar Shadows of the Empire packaging look (based on the POTF2 line). The vehicle is featured prominently across the front, and the box dimensions are the same as the Outrider vehicle toy.

Towards the top is a Virago transparency that was used for alternate packaging layouts, although the specific purpose is still unknown.

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Film:Shadows of the Empire
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