Kit-Bashed Prototype for Uproduced Companion Droid
In the hopes of bolstering sales of the second issue of Droids figures in 1986, Kenner proposed the inclusion of a small "companion droid" in each character's package. These small figures were to have limited articulation, and were conceived as having some correlation to the figure they were included with. Threepio, for instance, came with a buffer for his metallic surface; the gangster Vlix, a rather imposing looking hammer contraption; and Artoo-Detoo, a hovering sled to carry him over rough terrain.

Sadly, though the companion droids seemed destined for eventual release, the Droids line was terminated in 1985; development of the companions is not believed to have progressed past 2-up wooden patterns.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Anonymous
From the collection of: Anonymous
Country:United States
Film:Droids Cartoon
Category:Prototypes / Action Figure Related


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