Screamin' Model Advertisement Layouts
The prototypes in this series are all original artwork, layouts, and proof sheet for the Screamin' Model Company's line of Star Wars models released in the early nineties. These represent some of the first prototypes to emerge from the "Dark Years" of Star Wars collecting - the period between the demise of Kenner's action figure line and the release of the Heir to the Empire novel.

All these pictures show layouts for advertisements that would appear in magazine and flyers. To make a layout, the designer basically cut and pasted pieces of art, text, and photography onto a backerboard. Some layouts also include a transparent sheet with more cut-outs pasted to them. Hand-written instructions are sometimes scrawled on the top tissue paper overlay, detailing corrections, additions, coloring, and other such instructions.  Close up images of one such layout with overlay and without can be found here and here, respectively. These close-ups also demonstrate the typical appearance of most of the layouts in this series (cut and pasted components, overlays with notes and corrections and so forth).

The image above shows a layout (left) and a proof (right) advertising the Han Solo kit. Note the Friday the 13th character on the ad. Below is a similar ad for the Chewbacca kit.

The images above show two different ads featuring a Stormtrooper. On the far left is a proof of the layout in the middle of the picture. Not the slight differences, however, between the proof and the layout. On the right is a second layout for a different ad.

Above right is a layout for an ad featuring Yoda and Vader. A proof sheet for this ad is shown in the middle. On the left is a proof for the layout seen below. Also below is a second ad featuring many models, but prominently displaying Yoda. Note, again, the appearce of other characters in this ad. I think this is the first time I've seen Yoda alongside of Elvira and Pinhead.

The final four ad layouts feature C-3PO and many of the other Star Wars model kits.

Description by: Chris Fawcett
Photo: Chris Fawcett
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Film:A New Hope
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