POTF2 Greedo Mock-Up
We don't usually feature POTF2 prototypes on the Archive, but this is a pretty interesting piece, regardless of when it was made. As you can see, it's a representation of the version of Greedo that came with Hasbro's CommTech chip premium. The interesting thing about it is that the "figure" inside of the bubble is nothing more than a foamcore cut-out onto which a printed piece of paper has been pasted. In situations where figures that are not yet capable of being mass-produced are needed for display at an event like Toy Fair, toy companies will often resort to this kind of shortcut in order to fill out their showrooms.

Although it's hard to tell it from this photo, the CommTech chip is also a foamcore mock-up.

Here you see the back of the card. It's blank, and, typically, features velcro tabs, which were used to affix it to a display of some sort.

One more shot for good measure. This one clearly shows the flat "figure." It has a foamcore plateaue added to its back, in order to keep it propped against the back of the blister card.

It should be noted that this flat sort of figure substitute is similar in most respects to a much older piece also seen in the Archive, a cardboard mock-up of the Death Squad Commander figure of 1978.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: James Gallo
From the collection of: James Gallo
Country:United States
Film:Power of the Force
Category:Prototypes / Prototype Packaging and Proofs


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