Ewoks Urgah Lady Gorneesh and King Gorneesh 2-Sheet Cromalin
This Cromalin sheet for the Urgah Lady Gorneesh and King Gorneesh cardbacks offers an interesting look into their development. On the sheet one can see little notes that indicate changes that needed to be made. One of most prominent of these changes is the fact that the phrase "Action Figures" needed to be added under the Ewoks logo. Another note to the right of King Gorneesh's bubble area states that the color for that area should be a "lighter green".

Here is a picture of the back of the Cromalin. Attached is a sign-off sheet indicating that this Cromalin was checked over from March 8th-13th, 1985. Two final notes from the legal department specify that Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) needs to approve the changes made and that the fact that the toy meets all safety standards also needs to be printed on the card. After this sheet was done being checked, a final Cromalin was printed to see a clean copy of the cardbacks with the revisions made. Once this final Cromalin was approved the next step of producing proofs would commence.

Although a Cromalin of not particularly popular characters, this piece offers a very interesting look into the process of creating cardbacks. It is sometimes easy to forget all the little details that go into producing the final product, and this piece serves as a useful reminder to all collectors.

Description by: Isaac Lew
Photo: Isaac Lew
From the collection of: Isaac Lew
Country:United States
Film:Ewoks Cartoon
Category:Prototypes / Prototype Packaging and Proofs


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