Luke in Robes Unpainted Hardcopy Torso and Legs
While it is not uncommon to find a single hardcopy figure piece, such as a leg, an arm or a head, such pieces can sometimes end up being more interesting then they initially may have seemed. In some cases, a hardcopy piece, while looking unmistakably like part of a certain figure, may actually represent an alternate scultping of that figure that never made it to actual production.

In the case of this Dynacast torso, the cloak and belt details are strongly reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker's; yet, in terms of bulk and outer-cloak detail, the two torsos are noticeably different as well.

The legs for this figure are also made of dynacast and are consistent with the idea that this was for Anakin Skywalker.

So, is this an alternate sculpting of the Anakin torso? At one point, that seemed to be the best answer, but over time this possibility has proved false. A second older possibility, albeit a far-fetched one, was that this torso actually belonged to a completely unproduced figure, which was at some point planned for a post-Power of the Force release. This hypothesis was also rendered null and void over time. These parts are actually from a Luke in Robes figure. This designation is based on information from Kenner sources and the additional surfacing of more parts to be a Luke in Robes figure.

It is still unclear exactly what the Luke is intended to represent based on the robes. One possibility is Luke in his medical robes at the end of ESB, while another possibility exists that the robes are true Jedi robes. Hopefully over time a definitive answer to that question will surface!

Description by: Ron Salvatore, Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Gus Lopez, Rob Johnson
From the collection of: Gus Lopez, Rob Johnson
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Prototypes / Action Figure Related


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