Y-Wing Sticker Original Artwork
All the little stickers that came with the many vehicles and playsets were almost all hand drawn. This is a board that contains what at first I thought to be the original artwork used to create the mass produced stickers for the Y-Wing. However, upon closer inspection I noticed that the artwork for each sticker here varied slightly from the final version of the stickers found on the production Y-Wing. The way this board is put together is a bit interesting. It is a 10.5" x 7" board (with cover) composed of two layers-- the canvas and a cut out sheet of paper taped over. If you notice near the top, stickers numbers 1-5, are all pasted on the sheet, while the rest of the stickers are actually drawn on the canvas, behind the cut out sheet. Also, the little numbers next to each sticker art are all pasted on, except for 1-5. By turning the sheet a bit, I can see that originally the numbering began at sticker #6. In other words, the first five stickers were a later addition, and the pasted-on numbers cover the old sticker numbering.

This closeup picture shows really well how the board is constructed. Look at the upper left of the artwork.

All the art is hand drawn, using marker, watercolor, and pen at a 1:1 scale. Most likely, this was a semi-final step in the process of creating the master artwork for the Y-Wing stickers. While not being the final art, it does give us interesting insight into the creation of stickers that gave vehicles and playsets added detail.

This last picture, of sticker #37, is funny. Turn your head to the right. The designer's first name was Jan.

Description by: Isaac Lew
Photo: Isaac Lew
From the collection of: Isaac Lew
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Prototypes / Product Artwork


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