A-Wing Box Concept Artwork
Here's just one painting of what could have been. It's very bright and colorful but for some reason it didn't make the final cut. My guess is that not enough of the ship was shown at this angle so they decided on using the artwork that best displayed the vehicle they were trying to sell.

This above view was much closer to the final version of the box art. Still, something wasn't right here so they scrapped it. Though, lucky for us, it never really got scrapped. These concept pieces of artwork are a great way to get into the heads of the people responsible for designing the toys and packaging. Some if it shows the progression involved in the decision-making process. All of it is truly one-of-a-kind and something to marvel at.

This is basically a copy and closer view of the first image. However, it includes a rough drawing of the Droids logo. It seems that it was around this time Kenner decided to try out a Droids issue of this ship instead of a POTF version. The sketching of the Droids logo seems to add a bit of class and nostalgia to this particular painting and makes it the most interesting of these three to look at. Though actually they might have been done in something more like pastel crayons instead of paint. I can't recall, Gus and I saw alot of things that day. [grin]

Description by: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Tom Neiheisel
Country:United States
Film:Droids Cartoon
Category:Prototypes / Product Concepts


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