Power of the Force X-Wing Box Concept Artwork
This piece is really fascinating. It's completely hand drawn in magic marker on foamcore and shows several views of the proposed X-Wing ship in Power of the Force packaging. Some views show a sky-blue background while others show a black background. Each view shows the ship pictured differently on each box. The POTF logo is drawn in by hand as well. This is really a rough sketch made to convey package ideas quickly. As you can see, the ship itself looks slightly out of proportion and the wings are only approximations as well. I cannot recall what the corner text said, however. This kind of art lets us get right into the mind of the packaging designers and see what ideas they were tossing around.
Description by: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Tom Neiheisel
Country:United States
Film:Power of the Force
Category:Prototypes / Product Concepts


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