Lili Ledy Technical Card #1: Boba Fett

Mexican collectors Luis and Josefina Gálvez began in late 2003 to write a fantastic feature for the Mexican Star Wars magazine, Universo Star Wars. They are currently writing a series of Lili Ledy "technical cards" that contain information about the different vintage Star Wars figures produced by Lili Ledy. Included in each detachable full page card are high quality pictures, comparisons, and information regarding variations. This is certainly a great contribution to collectors, and the Archive is proud to present this feature for those who are not be subscribed to Universo Star Wars. Click on the pictures below to get a high quality scan of each side. The text is also translated below.

The action figure of the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy was manufactured by Lili Ledy using the El Regreso del Jedi card and its drawing appeared for the first time in the 30-back cards.

The picture used for the front size of the Lili Ledy card is the same desert scene used by Kenner for its Return of the Jedi cards with a lighter tint and little moved to the left. The background color where the figure is placed is green and Kenner used yellow.

Color, Paint, and Plastic Variations
The Lili Ledy Boba Fett was molded with a darker blue plastic, and painted with darker paints than the rest of the worldwide versions. The Honk Kong figure plastic is little lighter, the Taiwan version even lighter, and the Trilogo version used a light gray plastic. The Hong Kong has a variation with the limbs molded using a different plastic color than the torso and the Trilogo also has a variation with an unpainted tool at Boba's leg. The Lily Ledy and Trilogo figures were manufactured using the Hong Kong mold.

Helmet Variations
The helmets for Lili Ledy, Hong Kong, and Trilogo are the same. The Taiwan figure has a wider right section of the helmet and the antenna is also wider. The front section of the Taiwan figure also looks more flat than the rest of the versions.

Leg and Calf Variations
The left calf of all Boba Fetts has the legend C.P.G. 1979 which refers to the manufacturing year and the name of the CPG Products company, the Kenner mother company at that time. CPG Products was a subsidiary of General Mills Fun Group, Inc. (G.M.F.G.) letters used in the left leg for other Star Wars actions figures. In the right leg, we can see the manufacturing country only for Hong Kong and Taiwan because for the Lili Ledy and Trilogo figures the country was erased.

Missile Variations
Some Bobas were assembled without the missile previously inserted in the missile launcher and for this reason it is possible to remove it. If the figure was assembled with the missile it would be impossible to remove it without braking it. The removable missile Boba Fett is identified because the piece is rotated inside the missile launcher. To see this, you need to locate the position of the molds mark at the middle of the missile as it is shown in the figure below.

Weapons and Accessories
The Boba Fett action figure only included one weapon molded in different tones of black plastic.

Content: Josefina and Luis Miguel Gálvez.
Design: Roberto Mandeur Cortés
Editor-in-Chief Universo Star Wars: Oscar Herrera

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Description by: Josefina and Luis Gálvez, Isaac Lew
Photo: Isaac Lew
From the collection of: Isaac Lew
Film:Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
Licensee:Universo Star Wars
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