Wood Pattern for 12" Ben/Luke Saber
First of all, I have to apologize for the poor quality of this photo. It was taken many years ago in the Kenner model shop, before this piece of craftsmanship was used to produce a negative epoxy tooling master. The item shown is the original pattern for the light saber accessory packaged with both the Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi large size action figures. It looks to have been carved from a single piece of wood, but it was likely also modified with a putty/filler material of some kind. Although there are no other objects in the photo that might serve as reference points for scale, this was probably made at two times the intended production size, meaning it was about 8 or 9 inches long.
Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Anonymous
From the collection of: Anonymous
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Category:Prototypes / Product Artwork


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