Logray Action Figure Wax Sculpting
If action figure prototypes like hardcopies and first shots represent the most desirable category of Kenner Star Wars prototypes, then original sculptings are the most desirable items within this category of most desirables. After all, they're the finished pieces of craftsmanship on which all subsequent phases of production are based. In other words, the Logray sculpt you see here is the source of each and every plastic Logray figure sold throughout the world. When it comes to overall significance, it just doesn't get any better than that.

This particular sculpt is composed of eight total pieces: arms, legs, torso/head, headdress, pouch, and staff. As you can probably tell by looking at the area of the arm joints, the figure pieces are attached to the torso/head by metal pins.

Here you see some shots of the headdress sculpt. As you can probably tell, it was rendered in wax on top of a plaster approximation of the figure's torso. The green you see covering some of the feather details is the remnants of mold release applied to the sculpt during the silicon mold-making process. But even the release couldn't prevent the thin feathers from breaking when it was pulled from the mold. Fortunately, I was able to glue it back together once I had it in my possession.

While we're on the subject of headdresses, here's a shot showing four stages in the development of Logray's most distinctive accessory. From left to right: early/transitional, wax sculpt, hardcopy, and protomolded.

The hardcopy was obviously cast directly off of the sculpt, and it reproduces its details immaculately. The protomolded version, having been produced under rather crude conditions and then coated with a paint that has reacted poorly with the underlying plastic, is a pretty sorry representation of the original sculpt. Still, it's interesting for what it is.

But, for me, the most intriguing item here is the early one. As you can see, it sits atop a plaster Logray bust that bears some pretty crude detailing. I think we can be pretty certain that this is a cast of an early version of the Logray sculpt, either the original clay or an early wax. It is, then, a rare look inside the very early development of a figure. I'm sure the headdress--which is made of spongy, foam-like rubber--represents a sculpt from a similarly early stage in the development of that accessory.

Next up are the pouches. From left to right: sculpt, hardcopy, protomolded, and first shot. The shoulder straps of both the hardcopy and sculpt have broken. I do have the missing pieces of the sculpt, but I haven't been able to reassemble them.

Here are the staffs--or, as I like to think of them, Ewok magic wands. From left to right: conceptual, sculpt, hardcopy, protomolded, first shot, and an additional first shot that has weirdly short top feathers.

The conceptual one is built on a wooden stick using wax. I don't know if it was finished and later damaged or if it represents an aborted attempt to make something that actually looked decent.

Lastly, here's a shot showing several of my Logray prototypes standing side-by-side. From left to right: sculpt, hardcopy (look ma, no arms!), protomolded, and first shot.

I first acquired the Logray sculpt back in 2000, and it's been featured on the Archive since that time. But several years ago I was lucky enough to acquire the sculpts for all of the figure's accessories. It's definitely satisfying to be able to show all this stuff together on the same page.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
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