Wicket W. Warrick Proof Card
Proof cards from the Droids and Ewoks lines are extremely difficult to locate in proof card form. For whatever reason very few examples of these proofs, like the Wicket shown above, appear to have been saved by ex-Kenner employees. As a result, the amount existing in private collections is limited.

The second image shows the rear face of the proof card. The presence of square bottom corners is one of the most easily recognizable characteristic to observe when identifying a proof card. Some proof cards, dubbed sample cards by collectors to further distinguish them, do exhibit round bottom corners, but the square corner variety represents the norm.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Gus Lopez
Country:United States
Film:Ewoks Cartoon
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Proof Cards


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