Chief Chirpa Silicone Molds
A character journeys through a myriad of developmental stages before finally culminating in a production quality toy. While artifacts of certain stages are more prevalent in the collector's market, others like silicone molds, remain extremely ellusive to the avid 3 3/4"prototype afficiando. Considering silicone molds for portions of fewer than ten 3 3/4"figures reside in collectors' hands, it is easy to see this mold as rare treasure. Unofortunately, sometimes toys, like the Ewoks Chief Chirpa, make it very far along in the production process only to be cancelled for a variety of reasons. Chief Chirpa represents the sole unproduced Ewok whose silicone mold is still known to exist in a collector's hands at this time. As the picture clearly conveys, a single mold, each comprised of two main halves, is present for the torso/head and each limb. Note the head/torso mold technically has a third and fourth inner piece associated with it. Collectors interested in seeing other figural silicone molds will want to view the following: Walrusman head mold, Rancor Keeper Torso, Han Carbonite Block, and Alternate Han Carbonite block.

The second and final photograph affords a view with each mold closed. Obviously, the largest mold corresponds to the torso/head while the 4 smaller molds lined up on the right correspond to each limb. A silicone mold is utilized in its closed state for the creation of hardcopies. Areas located in the mold called "keys" allow proper alignment of the two halves to ensure a quality hardcopy is yielded. Liquid urethane is poured through a channel, referred to as a gate, running from the mold cavity to the outer mold wall. Once the urethane cools, the mold is opened and the newly formed hardcopy is removed. A pliable material like silicone facilitates removal of the hardcopy.

Unproduced Ewok and prototype collectors will also enjoy seeing the incredible plethora of related prototypes Cj owns for Chief Chirpa. They are showcased here on the Archive. Thanks to Cj for contributing photographs of the rarely seen figural prototype stage!

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Chris Fawcett
From the collection of: Chris Fawcett
Country:United States
Film:Ewoks Cartoon
Category:Prototypes / Action Figure Related


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