AT-AT Leader

The At-At Driver remains the only figure in the Russian bootleg figure line, but now there are 2 known versions of it! This recently discovered AT-AT Driver has a blue torso as well as a blue gun. These details make it unique vis-a-vis the all silver version of the figure that has been known for years and been found on three different types of blister card (visible here and here). But, as this version of the toy is unique with regard to the appearance of the figure, it seems it almost belongs in a separate category. The card is the same as version 3.0 but the figure is much different. The body and gun are made of a blue plastic that is slightly translucent.

This particular piece strikes me as further proof that there are TWO known Russian figures: The AT-AT Driver, and what might be called the AT-AT Leader. I name him the Leader, because looking at the card, of both this version and version 3.0, there are 2 silver AT-AT Drivers flanking and looking at a third figure that is dressed in a partially blue uniform. Furthermore, from the look of the picture on the card, it seems to me that the Russian AT-AT Drivers perform the function of Stormtroopers, while the blue character seems more relevant to Darth Vader, as he is obviously leading. Perhaps the Russian bootlegger who produced these toys created only one figure mold and made the best of it? While the Russian figures are very rare in any case, this is the only version with a blue torso and gun to yet surface.

Description by: Brendan Murphy
Photo: Brendan Murphy
From the collection of: Brendan Murphy
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Bootleg)


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