Star Wars Storybook
I am one of a few Star Wars collectors here in Iceland but propably the only one who focuses only on the vintage toys. The only vintage Icelandic Star Wars items ever made, The Star Wars Storybook is from 1978 and tells the story of "A New Hope". It is 60 pages with full color photos and text. The first page has the publishing details. The next page introduces our heros and bad boys and this is the alltime best. See, wee Icelanders dont like our thousand year old language contaminated with some yankee babble so wee give everything its own Icelandic name. Luke becomes Logi Geimgengill (Flame Spacewalker), Han is Hans (Hans Olaf), Leia is Lilja (Lilly Wish), Darth is Svarth (Blackhead). Old Ben and the droids get to keep there original names. The other sweet thing about this storybook is that it tells the story of when Luke went to see Biggs on Tatooine and it shows photos of it. I have no idea how many copys of this book were made but in 1978 there were only about 180 to 200 thousand Icelandic people (290,000 now) so there could'nt have been more than 10 to 15 thousand made, if so many. The publishing company went bankrupt in 1987 so I guess we'll never know.
Description by: Thorsteinn Helgason
Photo: Thorsteinn Helgason
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Random House
Category:Books / Childrens


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