Leia Combat Poncho POTF Coin Stage 2 Hardcopy
This is a stage two harcopy of the Power of the Force Princess Leia Combat Poncho released with carded figures in the POTF line in 1985. It was made by directly applyirng epoxy and dynacast to a sotfcopy, a flexible positive relief of the coin's image. The softcopy was required to give a slightly curved shape to the stage two hardcopy piece to allow for the correct shape of the coin die when produced, the master which struck all production POTF coins. The softcopy was cast by pouring a pliable rubber compound which set at room temperature (known as RTV or room temperature vulcanizing) over the existing stage one hardcopy. During the production process, the POTF coin pieces were sculpted at roughly six times their normal size, pretty evident from the production coin in the above photo.

The back of the coin has some hand written information about which coin it was, the engineer involved in the project, a date and initialed approval.

We have been very fortunate to have gathered so much information regarding the development and production of the POTF coins. To learn more about coin hardcopies and softcopies, as well as how the coin line in general was created, please check out the Special Feature article entitled A Coin is Born.

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Description by: Steve York
Photo: Steve York
From the collection of: Steve York
Country:United States
Film:Power of the Force
Category:Prototypes / Coin


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