Boba Fett (Loose Figure Run)

Virtually all of these Eastern-bloc bootlegs were made from molds pulled from actual Kenner figures and, though the materials and techniques used sometimes differ, they are almost universally crude. Some of the oddest bootlegs include the Polish types that you see above, which seem to have come in several different varieties. Looking at these figures, I think its possible to get some sense of the history of the bootleg production that was going on over there at the time. Notice that the Fett second from the left has been given Biker Scout arms and legs in place of those that would have come on the normal Kenner Fett. This figure is articulated (though one can pull its limbs out and put them back in with ease)and made of a heavy rubber substance. Now compare it with the two smaller figures to the right, both of which also have the Biker Scout limbs. These, while also being made of rubber, are not articulated but instead are cast in one rather clunky piece. Its very likely that the molds for these smaller figures took the articulated bootleg as their master, making them, in effect, third or fourth generation figures which might be considered bootlegs of bootlegs. This would account for the shrinkage which would inevitably have become more prevalent the farther removed from the original, 3 3/4" tool these things became.

While the articulated versions certainly came carded , I have yet to see an example of the non-articulated type that was not loose. Its possible they never were available blistered but were sold as loose toys only.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Film:Return of the Jedi
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