Super Powers Conceptual Micro Playset With Mocked-Up Star Wars Micros
This prototype playset is a conceptual piece for a proposed Micro line pertaining to Kenner's popular Super Powers toy line. In the style of the Star Wars micro playsets, the Super Powers playsets were envisioned to hook together to form larger play environments. A small mini-comic was planned for inclusion featuring a story relating to the characters and playset. The mini-comic would also serve as a backdrop for the playset, a unique feature absent from the Star Wars micro line. An additional Star Wars tie in exists in the two micro figures used for Batman and Riddler. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker production quality micros were mocked up to become the caped crusader and his arch nemesis. It is interesting to note that Kenner also considered producing a micro line for Indiana Jones as evidenced by the mock-up seen here.

Above we see a comparison between the Darth Vader production micro and mocked-up Batman figure. The Vader figure was obviously heavily modified but is still identifiable. Take note of the saber peg presence still visible on the Batman rendition. Batman is entirely handpainted and the head additions are crafted from a wax-like substance. Had the concept gone farther, the figures would ultimately have been resculpted, but modifying existing product served the purpose for an early phase like this.

Next up is a comparison between Luke Skywalker and Riddler. Again notice the lightsaber post is still present on the handpainted Riddler. Like Batman/Vader, modifications to the head and other areas are present.

The base of the playset is an incredible work of art and is entirely handcrafted. The above photo affords a nice close-up view of the base, designed to be a rooftop battle environment between Batman and Riddler.

Here's a shot looking down at the top of the base. Again, take note of the fine detail of the rooftop structures. A slot is present on one side allowing the mini comic to attach directly to the playset.

The hand colored artwork here represents a potential backdrop for the playset. An image of this nature would appear on the comic back cover allowing the mini-comic to serve as both readable material and as a visually appealing backdrop.

Finally, we see the mini-comic that is present with the prototype. While the cover is a scaled down version of a Justice League of America cover, the inside is simply mocked up from handcut comic pages. The exact characters on the cover were inconsequential since it's purpose was simply to convey the general idea and functionality.

For collectors unfamiliar with the Super Powers line, it was a successful line produced by Kenner from 1984-1986 featuring a wide array of super heroes and super villains. It's ashame this concept never saw production as it certainly would have been a unique and welcome addition to the Super Powers line. Thanks to Rob Amantea for providing background information on this item and for sharing pictures of it from his extensive Micro collection.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Rob Amantea
From the collection of: Rob Amantea
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Prototypes / Micro Collection


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