Unproduced 4-Up C-3PO from Jabba Playset
Two unique Micro Collection C-3PO figures were produced in metal at the intended production scale. One was released as part of the Millennium Falcon playset, while the other was planned for inclusion in the never-produced Hoth Bacta Chamber set. The 4-up C-3PO you see here is posed differently than both of these figures. Where the Falcon figure\'s arms are both relaxed and those of the Bacta Chamber version are raised, this figure is posed with one arm raised and one arm relaxed-- a subtle difference to be sure, but an important one. It has often been speculated that this is merely an alternate sculpting such as those that have been discovered for other figures in the Micro line. In these cases, the alternates bear odd details, different from those of the production versions, which must reflect changes made to the figure designs during the prototyping process. My feeling regarding this figure, however, is that it is not an alternate sculpting of a produced figure, but a completely distinct figure intended for inclusion in the never-produced Jabba\'s Palace playset. I could be wrong, but something about the pose of the figure reminds me of the moment in Return of the Jedi when C-3PO, acting as interpreter for Jabba the Hutt, is struck by Jabba and falls backward. I\'m speculating, of course, but it\'s a much more interesting piece as an unproduced figure than it is as a simple alternate.
Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Gus Lopez
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Prototypes / Micro Collection


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