Micro Collection Hoth Bacta Chamber
Due to an unenthusiastic response at retail to their 1982 Micro Collection offerings, Kenner decided to pull the plug on the several Micro sets they had in development for 1983. Their plans were quite ambitious, including sets for Jabba's Throne and Boiler rooms, the Emporer's Throne Room, an Ewok Bunker, and Dagobah, as well as the numerous newly-sculpted figures that would have been bundled with them.

Perhaps the best known of these sets are the two that came closest to full-scale production--the Torture Chamber addition to the "Bespin World" environment, and the Hoth Bacta Chamber playset you see pictured above. Prototypes exist for these two sets in finished, production form as well as early examples of packaging, but collectors never got to see these on store shelves. Though production molds appear to have been made for the sets and early conceptual models exist (see Steve Sansweets From Concept to Screen to Collectible), only one known example of each finished playset is known to exist today, both of which are currently in the hands of collectors. Its a real treat to have them both included here, as this is the only place where they can be seen together.

The Bacta chamber was an add-on to the already existing Hoth World series of sets and included four figures-- Luke in diaper, 2-1b, C3PO and FX-7. It included several interesting features, including a pump to allow for "fluid" to flow into the rejuvenation chamber and a crane type apparatus to lift Luke up and into the chamber. A Kenner spec sheet lists the features as follows:

  • Bacta Tank with fluid "loading and draining" system.
  • Biomanipulator arm unit.
  • Diagnostic scanner and movable recovery couch.
  • Modular control console.
  • Fluid preparation reservoir.
  • 4 unique diecast figures.
  • Ages: 4 & up.
  • Case Pack: 12.
Had it made it into production, it really would have been a fun playset. I'm not sure if you can tell here, but, judging from the photos on the box, the set is incomplete, a small control consul having been lost somewhere along the line.

For more information on the Hoth Bacta Chamber and other unproduced Micro Collection toys, see Rob Amantea's excellent article in issue #60 of Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
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Film:Empire Strikes Back
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