Krayt Dragon Bones
Every Star Wars fan remembers the first time they saw the scene where C-3PO is lost in the Dune Sea on Tatooine until he was "rescued" by the Jawas. In that scene, one can see a large skeleton of a krayt dragon in the background.

These bone pieces were actually made of fiberglass and scattered across the desert. The bones are concave so as to form only half of a bone piece, and they come in varying sizes and shapes. All of the bones are painted white on one side, and have a grey color on the other.

The smaller bone piece pictured above is photographed next to a 3 3/4 inch Luke Skywalker action figure for scale. Note that even for a small bone piece, these props were rather large to give the appearance of an enormous skeleton behind C-3PO.

This next shot gives a close glimpse of the inside of one of these bones props, and the fiberglass composition is more noticeable in this photo.

One of the closeups of C-3PO in the Dune Sea shots shows a few bone pieces which look almost identical to the one pictured above with all the nooks and crannies.

A natural question is, "How did I obtain these pieces?" While I was out in Tunisia (the filming location of Star Wars), we rented camels and rode out to La Grand Dune, the area where all of the Dune Sea shots were filmed. While wandering through the dunes, I was unable to find bones as previous travellers had. I thought for sure that I was not going to find these fiberglass props that were left in the desert for all these years.

When I got back to the souvenir stand where we rented camels, I showed the owner some photos from Star Wars, and he summoned his kids to climb the roof of their hut to pull down these fiberglass pieces you see here. They were using them for roofing material, and I was able to negotiate a very reasonable price.

This piece looks like a vertebrae bone fragment, and many of the pieces in the original skeleton were of this form.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
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